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Flash Video is a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player (initially produced by Macromedia) versions 6–10. Until version 9 update 2 of the Flash Player, Flash Video referred to a proprietary file format, having the extension FLV. use flv video.

RTMP : The Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) was designed for high-performance transmission of audio, video, and data between Adobe Flash Platform technologies, including Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR, enable delivery of video, audio, and data in the open AMF, SWF, FLV, and F4V formats compatible with Adobe Flash Player.

HiDownload Platinum help you download flash video stream(rtmp) from

Now, HiDownload Platinum has added the build-in Sniffer feature for finding streaming video downloadabled address(URL), more details >>

Step by Step:

Step 1. Startup sniffer of HiDownload Platinum, and capture the video's link

(1) When you first run the HiDownload Platinum, the network adapter list window will be opened.

(2)select the adapter which you connect to Internet, then click the "Select the network adapter and startup sniffer" button

(3)Sniifer has been launched, and began to monitor the network data.

(4)Open the and play the video which you want to download.

(5)If Sniffer detect the video's link, it will be shown in list

Step 2. Select the rtmp;// link in sniffer list, and click mouse right-button, then select "Download selected URLs" menu to download it.

If you want to download automatically the rtmp:// link, please open "Options" windows, select "Sniffer", and check the "Download automatically"(see the below picture)


Now, HiDownload Platinum has added the build-in stream sniffer feature for finding video downloadabled address(URL), more details >>



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